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Retainers Plans for Legal Services

Professional legal support certainly plays an important if not vital role in the formation and development of any business. Every business transaction and relationship comprises certain terms and conditions, which require careful consideration. Well-drafted terms act like a shield to protect one’s interests when things go wrong and can save a lot of money in the future by addressing all issues at the outset.This in turn avoids disputes later. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a lawyer in day-to-day business dealings to ensure long-term success and continuity of a business. We offer cost-effective and effective legal services plans designed to meet the daily requirements of businesses of all levels:



Service packages

Key Benefits

  • It covers your basic legal needs in business

  • No need to hire a fulltime lawyer

  • Develops a long term relationship with a lawyer

  • Affordable than paying expensive hourly fee

  • Ideal solution for start-ups and SMEs

  • You will have a dedicated lawyer

Terms & Condition:

  • The services listed above shall be provided to the extent of the allocated hours per month.
  • All other works exceeding allocated hours per month shall be billed as per our standard rates.
  • We shall notify you in advance once the allocated hours are consumed.
  • Unused allocated hours shall not be transferred to the next month or shall not be refunded.
  • Allocated hours shall be spent only for the services listed in the table.
  • Any service that fall out of the services listed in the table shall be agreed and billed separately.

If you are interested in one of our above retainer plans or would like to discuss a customized plan, please feel to contact us for further details.

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