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If you are looking for cost-effective company formation in the UAE, then look no further! We are offering exclusive business setup packages from Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ). UAQ FTZ is situated close to the UAE’s primary sea and airports ports and located just 45km away from Dubai. Thanks to UAQ FTZ’s investor-friendly legal framework, simplified process and competitive set-up costs, establishing a business in the UAE has never been simpler.

Key Benefits

  • %

    0% corporate and personal tax

  • 100% company ownership

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

  • 100% import and export tax exemption

  • No paid up share capital required

  • No currency restrictions

  • Simple and fast registration process

  • Hi-tech office and warehouse facilities

  • Ideal solution for SMEs and micro-businesses

  • Close to two international airports and sea ports

  • Wide range of business activities permitted

  • No restrictions on hiring foreign employees

  • Modern and investor-friendly legal framework

  • Minimum documentation required;

Residensy Visa:

Visa Costs:

  • Residency Visa – AED 5,500 (inclusive of government fee and processing fee)
  • Emirates ID Card – AED 370 (payable directly to the ID Card Center)
  • Medical Test – AED 750 (payable directly to the Medical Center)
  • Change of status – AED 850 (if inside country application)
  • Employment contract – AED 500 (for employees only)

Validity of Visa:

  • Manager / Employee – 2 years;
  • Investor/Shareholder – 3 years.

By becoming a resident in the UAE, you will get following benefits:

  • You can reside or travel to UAE anytime;
  • Rent a flat/apartment on long-term basis;
  • Open corporate and personal bank accounts;
  • Keep your savings in a tax-free jurisdiction;
  • Apply for visas of other countries including Shengen or GCC countries from UAE itself.

Business Activies

Commercial License

Using the Commercial License you can import/export, sell and distribute specific goods from the Free Zone. Wide range of products are permitted. Some of them are: automobile, food and beverage, textile, carpets, clothes, electronics, building materials, crude oil, refined oil, fuel, wires and cables, telecommunication equipment, beauty and personal care products and many others. Please contact us to get full list of products that you can include in your license.

Service License

Service License allows you to provide services including consulting activities in UAE and beyond. Wide range of service and consultancy activities are permitted. Some of the activities are: insurance consultancy, IT consultancy, Web-design, HR consultancy, sports consultancy, construction engineering consultancy, interior design consultancy, project management consultancy, science and technology consultancy, media consultancy, hotel management consultancy, event management consultancy, call center services, exhibition organizing, fashion designing, theatre and cinema management, jewellery designing services, immigration consultancy, management consultancy, marketing management and many other activities are available. Please contact us to get full list of business activities that you can apply.


  • Contact Us

    Contact us by filling up our online form or give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

  • Free & No-obligation Consultation

    After understanding your needs and business objectives, we will provide you with a free and personalized consultation. We will propose you the most suitable business activity and setup package based on your requirements.

  • Company Registration (5 working days)

    Once you decide to register your company with us and select your business setup package, we will promptly prepare all necessary legal documents and application forms, which you can sign at our office.

  • Residency Visa (10 working days for Entry Permit; 5 working days for Visa stamping)

    After registering your company, you will be eligible to get up to 2 UAE residency visas under your company. We can obtain Entry Permit while you are inside or outside the UAE. After issuance of the Entry Permit, you will need to be present in Dubai to pass your medical test and to stamp the visa in your passport. Under Premier Package, we will assist you with 1st residency visa process free of charge.

  • Bank Account

    You now have all the paperwork needed to open your corporate bank account. Under the Premium Package, we will introduce you to specialist bankers in a number of banks to facilitate your account opening process.

Why Us?

  • Team of Experts

    at Mimo Legal Consulting you will be looked after by our business setup experts with legal knowledge, who have extensive experience in the UAE business setup and legal industry for the last 5 years.

  • Dedicated Consultant

    with our dedication to personalized and efficient customer service, we will assign you an account manager as soon as you become our client, who will be your single point of contact and will regularly update you on the status of all your applications, and always be on hand to answer your queries.

  • One-stop Shop

    We provide wide range of legal and business consulting services and we will be able to assist you with all your legal and business start-up requirements instantly during and after your company registration.

  • Full Transparency

    We guarantee complete transparency in terms of costs, timelines and documentary requirements.

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